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Latest articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Overview of the virtual special issue on the 2023 Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye earthquake doublet
Han Yue, Hongfeng Yang, Xiaodong Song
DOI: 10.1016/j.eqs.2024.04.001
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Evaluation of Crustal Deformation and Associated Strong Motions Induced by the 2022 Paktika Earthquake, Afghanistan
A. Bari Jahed, Ömer Aydan, Takashi ITO, Naoki IWATA
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Potential of the Arkhangelsk seismic network for European Arctic monitoring
Galina Antonovskaya, Yana Konechnaya, Ekaterina Morozova, Yana Mikhailova, Eugenia Shakhova
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Science and Reflections: With Some Thoughts to Young Applied Scientists and Engineers
Robert L. Nowack
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ChatGPT in transforming communication in seismic engineering: Case studies, implications, key challenges and future directions
Partha Pratim Ray
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Assessment of earthquake location uncertainties for the design of local seismic networks
Antonio Fuggi, Simone Re, Giorgio Tango, Sergio Del Gaudio, Alessandro Brovelli, Giorgio Cassiani
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Evolution and spatiotemporal analysis of earthquake public opinion based on social media data
Chenyu Wang, Yanjun Ye, Yingqiao Qiu, Chen Li, Meiqing Du
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Correlation of selected geomagnetic events recorded by the Egyptian and INTERMAGNET observatories
Aalaa Samy, Tarek Arafa-Hamed, Abdou Abdelkader, Ahmed Khashaba, Emad Takla
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A new calibration method for radon detector in seismic systems
Hongwei Ren, Yaowei Liu
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Co and postseismic fault slip models of the 2022 MW6.7 Menyuan earthquake reveal conjugated faulting tectonics at the central section of the Lenglongling fault
Zilong He, Wenbin Xu, Zhiwei Li, Lei Xie, Guangcai Feng, Nan Fang, Xiaoge Liu, Kai Sun, Zhidan Chen, Zhihui Zhu
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Critical analysis of the ULF power depression as a possible Tohoku earthquake precursor
Vyacheslav A. Pilipenko, Valery A. Martines-Bedenko, Akimasa Yoshikawa, Kirolosse M. Girgis
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Tahir Mohammad, Zeeshan Ahmad, Sabahat Sadia, Mushtaq Muhammad Naveed, Iqbal Talat, Shah Muhammad Ali, Alam Aftab
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Study on the forecasting efficiency under different selected regions by Pattern Informatics Method and seismic potential estimation in the North-South Seismic Zone
Weixi Tian, Yongxian Zhang
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Seismicity patterns before the 2021 Fin (Iran) doublet earthquakes using the region-time-length and time-to-failure methods
Salma Ommi, Vladimir Borisovich Smirnov
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Shear wave velocity model using HVSR inversion beneath Bandar Lampung City
Ahmad Zaenudin, Alhada Farduwin, I Gede, Boy Darmawan, Karyanto
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