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About Earthquake Science

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Review process

Each manuscript submitted to the journal is peer reviewed by at least two reviewers, and then evaluated by an associate editor. The Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision based on the review comments and the associate editor’s evaluation. We strive to complete the entire review process within 3 months. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Choice of double-blind peer review

Authors can choose either the normal review or the double-blind review. In the normal review process, the identities of the authors are revealed to the reviewers, but the names of the reviewers are not revealed to the authors unless the reviewers would like to be identified.

In the double-blind review, neither the authors nor the reviewers are identified. In this case, authors are requested to submit the following. 1) A blinded manuscript that does not include any author names and affiliations in the text or on the title page. Self-identifying citations and references in the article text should be avoided. 2) A separate information page is required, which contains the title, all author names, affiliations, and the contact information of the corresponding author. Any acknowledgements, disclosures, or funding information should also be included on this page.

Open access and page charges

EQS is an Open Access (OA) journal, which means once the papers are published, anyone can download and read them free of charge from the journal website. Publication fees (or page charges) may be waived upon request.

Authorship and readership

As the flagship journal of the Seismological Society of China, it attracts wide readership and impact in China. However, it is also an international journal that draws growing attention from seismologists and geophysicists worldwide. Besides China, the manuscript contributions come from the US, Japan, Australia, Iran, India, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, Canada, France, Russia, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Germany, and other countries.


EQS (2009-) has its root in Acta Seismologica Sinica (English edition), which is dated back to 1979. It is the only English international journal sponsored by the Seismological Society of China. The Institute of Geophysics of the China Earthquake Administration was added as a second sponsor in 2012. The first issue of the Chinese edition of the Acta Seismologica Sinica (Chinese Edition) was published in 1979, and that of the English translation was published in 1988. In 2009, the name of the journal was changed to Earthquake Science. The new journal only accepts and publishes its own contributions, independent from Acta Seismology Sinica (Chinese Edition). The Honorary Editor-in-Chief (EIC) Prof. Yun-tai Chen served as a long-time EIC for the EQS.

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