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Aims and Scope

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Earthquake Science (EQS) aims to publish high-quality, original, peer-reviewed articles on earthquake-related research subjects. It is an English international journal sponsored by the Seismological Society of China and the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration.

The topics include, but not limited to, the following

● Seismic sources of all kinds.

● Earth structure at all scales.

● Seismotectonics.

● New methods and theoretical seismology.

● Strong ground motion.

● Seismic phenomena of all kinds.

● Seismic hazards, earthquake forecasting and prediction.

● Seismic instrumentation.

● Significant recent or past seismic events.

● Documentation of recent seismic events or important observations.

● Descriptions of field deployments, new methods, and available software tools.

The types of manuscripts include the following. There is no length requirement, except for the Short Notes.

Articles. Original contributions that have not been published elsewhere.

Short Notes. Short papers of recent events or topics that warrant rapid peer reviews and publications. Limited to 4 publication pages.

Rapid Communications. Significant contributions that warrant rapid peer reviews and publications.

Review Articles. Review articles are by invitation only. Please contact the editorial office and editors for possible proposals.

Toolboxes. Descriptions of novel numerical methods and associated computer codes.

Data Products. Documentation of datasets of various kinds that are interested to the community and available for open access (field data, processed data, synthetic data, or models).

Opinions. Views on important topics and future directions in earthquake science.

Comments and Replies. Commentaries on a recently published EQS paper is welcome. The authors of the paper commented will be invited to reply. Both the Comment and the Reply are subject to peer review.

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