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Preface to the special issue China Seismic Experimental Site (CSES): on-going progresses and future prospects
Zhongliang Wu, Zhifeng Ding
2021, 34(3): 189-191. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0041
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China Seismic Experimental Site (CSES): A systems engineering perspective
Zhongliang Wu, Li Li
2021, 34(3): 192-198. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0006
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Crustal structure beneath the Hi-CLIMB seismic array in the central-western Tibetan Plateau from the improved H-κ-c method
Jiangtao Li, Xiaodong Song
2021, 34(3): 199-210. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0002
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Determination of the degree 120 time-variable gravity field in the Sichuan-Yunnan region using Slepian functions and terrestrial measurements
Jiancheng Han, Shi Chen, Zhaohui Chen, Hongyan Lu, Weimin Xu
2021, 34(3): 211-221. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0029
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Local stress field inverted for a shale gas play based on focal mechanisms determined from the joint source scanning algorithm
Chuntao Liang, Yangyang Yu, Furong Wu, Liang Kang, Jian Tang
2021, 34(3): 222-233. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0003
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Rupture directivity effect on strong ground motion during the 12 May 2008 MW7.9 Wenchuan earthquake
Zhao An, Jun-Ju Xie, Yong Zhang, Xiao-Jun Li, Zeng-Ping Wen
2021, 34(3): 234-245. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0008
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Crustal thickness in southeast Tibet based on the SWChinaCVM-1.0 model
Liyi Chen, Weilai Wang, Long Zhang
2021, 34(3): 246-260. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0010
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Spatial-temporal characterization of the San Andreas Fault by fault-zone trapped waves at seismic experiment site, Parkfield, California
Yong-Gang Li
2021, 34(3): 261-285. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0014
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Research status of earthquake forecasting in hydraulic-fracturing induced earthquakes
Qian Wang, Xinxin Yin, Changsheng Jiang, Cong Jiang, Yan Zhang, Hongyu Zhai, Yanbao Zhang, Guijuan Lai, Fengling Yin
2021, 34(3): 286-298. DOI: 10.29382/eqs-2021-0016
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